Competency Assessment

The method for assessing competence may differ between skills. Here is a selection of different approaches that can be used:

  • Practical (on-the-job) Assessment / Observation
  • Quiz, Examination or Questionnaire
  • Monitoring during Training Course Attendance
  • Project Submission - a substantive piece of work demonstrating practical application and knowledge
  • Interview
  • Quantitative Assessment
  • Qualitative Assessment
  • Peer Assessment/Review
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Line Manager Assessment
  • External Examination

Regardless of the method used to assess competence, it is essential that the organisation uses a recognised and agreed grading criteria (see Competency Model).

It is important that organisations retain any documentation generated during these activities, to use as proof of competency levels. Auditors frequently request this, and it may also be useful for reporting on in the future.